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About the club

This club is a high class escort dating club where you can meet Japanese women here.
Most of those executives who are operating overseas companies, officers and recruits have joined the club.
Please feel free to date if there is someone you get along well.
Japanese women are very pretty and caring about others. We will introduce these wonderful women to those who are looking forward to an amazing date, a pleasure moment, even a smart relationship.
For operating an entertainment agency of the model production, there are lots of women who are popular among men which being models, promotional models, future models. In addition, many members are OL, college students, nurses, cabin attendants.
Unlike other companies, because we operating the entertainment agency so that being proficient in gathering women who have beautiful appearance together.
I would be very pleased if you could come and have a talk even just one time.
In addition, the club has been submitted to the Japanese authorities concerned for registration, which is a legitimate business and can safely arrange the date Japanese women for you.

Interview method

Since there is a special recruit who can speak English and Chinese, please do not worry even if you could not speak Japanese well.

Visit service

You can choose a hotel or a lounge from those hotels designated by our club. We will be expecting you there.
※Please refer to the following information for the hotel designated by the club

The place of interview would be arranged near to club

Owing to the office is located in Roppongi, we will interview at a coffee shop near to the Azabu Police Station.
Please inform us your convenient time and date when you decide to join the club.

Interview content

You can decide whether to join or not after meeting the women’s members of our club.
There are executives of foreign companies, officers, entertainers, etc. had already registered in our club.
Please feel free to interview because we carry out the duty of confidentiality of the personal information thoroughly.

Setting after initiation

This club is a bridge of the registered women with the male clients.
Please feel free to date after seeing each other.
After setting, you can enjoy dating each other freely to exchange contact information.

Register visit service

Please allow me to visit you if you could not make time to come to the city hotel we designated.
Visit fee
Regarding register visit service,please read the city hotel list designated by our club.

Entry condition

Men who are rich and mental health over 20 years old
There are no problems wherever you live.
Job: None
Region: None
Those who are thoughtful and caring and have fun with people even the first time.
Thinking of others, do not do self-centered things.
Those who are approve the concept and the think of "Versailles".

Eligibility criteria

Pay registration fee when you decide to join the club.
Registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances once you have joined.
We will not refund even if you withdraw from the club, so please consider about it carefully.
Regarding the setting fee, please understand that it is all deposit system.
Please understand that we will not refund the setting fee.
We are not responsible for anything after date setting.
Please understand that the person who cannot comply with the above requirements will be forced to retreat.

Membership terms and conditions and prohibitions

The acts what degrade the quality of this club
People those got into the organized crime groups or something like that (We might withdraw you from our club immediately if discovering that)
Drug users or drug addicts(We might withdraw you from our club immediately if discovering that)
Use the member login page improperly(copy the photographs, print out or etc.)
Other than above mentioned cases, illegality and criminal acts
Please acknowledge that we might withdraw you from our club not only the above conditions, but also those people who causing female members complain a lot, or who could not comply with the rules, or we consider you are not suitable for our club.


We are not responsible for any troubles that happen during the date.
You should understand that we will not refund the arrangement fee, the registration fee etc. under any conditions.

From Versailles owner

The club is the most famous escort club that makes encounter opportunities in Japan.
Those who are active in overseas, managers of English-speaking countries and Chinese-speaking countries have been introduced by many Japanese executives. Therefore we hired a recruit who can speak English and Chinese so men will be able to date wonderful Japanese women not just Japanese.
Going cafe or drink with Japanese women, it is also a fantastic thing to find out the goodness of Japan by dating with those native Japanese women.

Free trial course

Referral fee
There is a free trial course for you now. Pay a referral fee and you can get a real date with a gorgeous woman who belongs to our club. Then decide whether to join in or not after the date.
*This free trial course just for once.


We are offering different courses according to the needs of men so that you can choose the favorite one when you decide to join our club
Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or E-mail if there is anything you do not understand about the website.
We will explain it at the interview properly.
Course name
Registration fee
Annual fee
Referral fee
Service content
Party course
free trial
There is a free trial course for you now. Pay a referral fee and you can get a real date with a gorgeous woman who belongs to our club.
generalCourse available
A general woman (OL, housewife, student, female college student, secretary, receptionist, cabin crew, etc.), It is a feel free course.
general-platinumCourse available
Model, a future talent, others, a woman being selected carefully who has appearance and talent.
general-VIPCourse available
We introduce actress mainly, like girl belongs to the entertainment agency, event companion, AV actress, talent, model, paddock girl.
ASK(Please consult)
It is the highest grade special VIP course that introduces models being well known, talent etc.
It is a course that introduces new women preferentially.(The limitation on the number of members.)
Party once
It is a course that you can participate in the trial party then decide whether to join or not after meeting the women’s members of our club.
*No need to pay an annual fee if used more than once per year.
The annual fee will be paid on the renewal month.
*Please be assured that money will be transferred into a corporate account.


Contact us

Open Monday-Saturday 12:00~20:00 Closed Sundays and public holidays
If you made a reservation in advance, it will be ok to arrange interview even after 20 o’clock, please feel free to consult.
If you are expecting to have someone who can support in English or Chinese, please inform us in advance.
Tel 03-6303-3945
Please click here to send the E-mail Or
Mobile phone user +818049208969

Please cancel the rejection of domain or set domain designated reception in case the E-mail be stopped.
Please check the setting so that you can receive the mail from ""
If you have been waiting for more than one day and still have nothing reply, please check with us.
LINE ID:verkyu
TEL 080-4920-8969
OPEN 12:00-20:00 Closed Sundays and public holidays LINE