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What is the high-class dating club Versailles?

A club operated directly by our production company

In contrast to other clubs, many exceptionally attractive (high-level) women gather through our in house talent production.
As we are directly affiliated with a model production agency, we have a diverse range of members, including exceptionally attractive models, event companions, aspiring models, as well as office workers, university students, nurses, flight attendants, and more.
We provide services for those seeking high-quality encounters, quality moments, and sophisticated adult companionship.


A membership-based social club

Our club is a membership-based social club and is not an adult entertainment establishment.
It offers a new and unique experience unlike cabarets or adult entertainment venues.
A re you fee l ing t ired of receiving the same sales emails and calls from cabarets and clubs?
A re yo u feeling unsatisfied with spending money at these places without a deeper connection?
Don't want to engage in intimate activities with women who have served multiple clients (all our club members are amateurs)?
If you're looking to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship without interfering with each other's private lives I f you want to go on dates with amateur women or models, If you're seeking a long-term companionship and enjoy the process of courting The high-class social club and dating club 'Versailles' is the perfect choice for you.
At our club 'Versailles,' we offer various4 packages, including general to VIP courses and party packages, to cater to your needs.

The Process Leading to a Date

Conversation, Membership, Date

(English, Chinese, and Japanese)
Please contact us through our membership inquiry form or by phone.
To become a member of our club, a face-to-face conversation is required. Conversations are scheduled by appointment to ensure your privacy, and we will inquire about a date and time that suits your convenience.
2.Face to face Conversation
(English, Chinese, and Japanese)
There are two options for conversations: 'In-Person Conversation at A Coffee Shop Near the Club' and 'Visit Service'.
During the conservation, you will have the opportunity to view photographs of our female members, and we will provide an explanation of our system and procedures.
Generally, we do not approve immediate membership decisions on the same day of the conversation, so please rest assured.
Our club operates under the Tokyo Date Club Regulations and has been registered with the local police (Minato Ward Azabu Police Station) with registration number 4. We operate our club in a wholesome and legitimate manner, so please feel confident in joining.
Our club facilitates the "Setting (セッティング)" between our clients and registered female members. You can request a setting with the registered female member you are interested in.
After meeting with the registered woman, please feel free to date each other. The subsequent relationship can be determined by both of you, so please enjoy it according to your own rules.

Visit Service

If you are unable to visit our club's location due to time constraints, we offer a service where we will visit you at a hotel or lounge of your choice, selected from among those we specify.
(English, Chinese, and Japanese)
Visit Service Fee

Male Membership Fee

We are offering different courses according to the needs of men so that you can choose the favorite one when you decide to join our club
Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or E-mail if there is anything you do not understand about the website.
We will explain it at the interview properly.
Entrance fee
Annual fee
Setting fee
Service contents
Party course combined
Trial Course
This course is available for a single use only, allowing you to decide on membership after meeting registered female members in person.
General Course
You can use the general course. It's a course for dating with ordinary women (office ladies, housewives, female college students, secretaries, receptionists, flight attendants, etc.).
Platinum Course
You can use the general course to the platinum course It's course for dating with women who have been rigorously selected for their exceptional looks, including models, aspiring models, and women who possess both beauty and talent.
VIP Course
You can use the general course to the VIP course It's a course for dating with women affiliated with entertainment agencies, exhibition and event hostesses, AV actresses, artists, models, race queens, actresses and more.
Special Course
ASK(Please consult)
This is the highest grade Special VIP course that introduces exceptionally well known models, talents, and more. (Please inquire for details)
Black course
Prioritizes the introduction of latest registered womenof exclusive BLACK course.
for per party
Trial Party allows you to attend and meet registered female members before deciding to join.
(*) If you use the party service more than once a year, you will not be charged an annual fee.
The annual fee is payable during the renewal month.
(*) All payments will be made to a corporate account, so please rest assured.


Male Membership Eligibility and Guidelines

Membership Requirements

Men aged 20 years and older with financial stability and emotional maturity
Occupational requirements : No
Regional requirements : No

Additional Considerations

Men who can create an enjoyable and considerate atmosphere during initial meetings
Men who are capable of showing empathy
towards their companions
Men who do not exhibit self centered or selfish behavior
Men who resonate with the values and concept of our company "Versailles"

Membership Eligibility and Rules

An entrance fee is required when joining our club, and it is non refundable under any circumstances.
In the event of withdrawing from membership at any point, the entrance fee will not be refunded, so we encourage you to carefully contemplate your decision to join.
Please note that the setting fee is non refundable. All setting fees must be paid in advance. After the setting is arranged, our club will not have any further involvement in your interactions.

Kindly be aware that non compliance with the above rules may lead to forced withdrawal from the club or other necessary actions.

Membership Terms and Prohibited Activities

Actions that significantly tarnish the reputation of our club.
Membership associated with crime groups or similar affiliations (Immediate expulsion will be enforced if discovered).
Use or regular consumption of narcotics, stimulants, or other illegal drugs (Immediate expulsion will be enforced if discovered).
Unauthorized use of the member login page (e.g., copying images, Any other illegal or criminal activities.
Any behavior that results in multiple complaints from female members, non compliance with the membership terms, or is deemed unsuitable for our club by our judgment, even if not explicitly mentioned in the above.
In such cases, appropriate actions, including expulsion from the club, may be taken as deemed necessary.


We do not take responsibility for any issues or conflicts that may arise during your interactions with the individual you have set up a date with.
Please be aware that setting fees, membership fees, and any other charges collected are non refundable under any circumstances.

Membership Application

Office Hours
12:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Closed on Sundays and holidays)
If you make a prior reservation, consultations are available after 8:00 PM, so please feel free to inquire.
(English, Chinese, and Japanese)
(English, Chinese, and Japanese)
During business hours, we may be unable to answer the phone due to a busy schedule.
In such cases, we kindly request that you call us again later. Thank you for your understanding.
Regarding register visit service,please read the city hotel list designated by our club.

If you do not remove domain blocking or set up domain whitelisting, you may not receive our emails.
Please check your settings to ensure you can receive emails from "".
If you have not received a response from our club after waiting for more than one day, please verify your settings.
TEL 080-4920-8969   OPEN 12:00-20:00
Closed Sundays and public holidays
LINE ID: versailles_inter  (international)
WeChat ID: Versailles_Club