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What is High-Class Social Club Versailles

About Versailles

Versailles is a top-tier, exclusive members-only social club.
Our club is registered with the relevant authorities, ensuring that it operates legally, providing you with peace of mind.
We are the undisputed leader in the high-end social club industry, specializing in luxury.
We prioritize building trust and genuine connections with our clients, rather than just focusing on immediate financial gains.
We understand that money alone does not make a desirable partner, and nobody appreciates the company of men lacking in discretion or hygiene.
Rest assured! Our male members are meticulously selected individuals with solid credentials, undoubtedly the highest-quality gentlemen in Japan.
We have no quotas or fines to worry about. It's a world of completely free and liberated romance, allowing you to enjoy dates with high-earning, VIP caliber gentlemen at your convenience and preferred times.
We are dedicated to curating the most luxurious encounters for you.

Distinctive Features of Versailles

Stringent and Reassuring
As previously mentioned, our club is a legally registered and authorized members-only club, providing you with peace of mind when using our services.
We rigorously enforce confidentiality obligations for both male and female members, solidifying our position as the top-tier social club known for our unwavering commitment to discretion.

Embracing Luxury
Versailles' male members are meticulously selected individuals who meet the qualification criteria of our club.
They are exclusively chosen, representing toptier individuals who uphold the highest standards. We are actively seeking women who are suitable partners for such distinguished gentlemen.

High Earnings
For all our registered female members at Versailles, we have a genuine desire to see you prosper. Starting a relationship with VIP members and receiving their positive feedback brings us joy.
We are committed to providing support and follow-up to ensure your success.
With the trust that exists between our male members and the club, we can offer support and follow-up that leads to wonderful encounters.
Your happiness is our ultimate goal.

Features of Versailles' Male Members

Versailles' Male Members

Our club boasts a diverse membership of men with various preferences, including but not limited to:
  • Seeking uncomplicated, discreet relationships and dating without interfering with each other's private lives.
  • Desire for long term companionship (partner).
  • Interest in enjoying a relationship with a lover.
  • Preference for avoiding high expenses associated with clubs and cabarets.
  • Disinterest in transactional experiences often associated with adult entertainment venues.

A Nationwide Membership

We have male members registered from all corners of Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south.
This is why we are actively recruiting female members!
We are confident that we can provide you with wonderful encounters!
We invite you to experience memorable dates with our carefully selected top-tier male members.

Celebrity-Quality Dating

A Club Operated by a Production Company

Versailles, the high-class social and dating club, is a prestigious members-only club that introduces elite men who can fulfill your desires.
Our male members include well-established company executives, executives, lawyers, doctors, professional athletes, and entertainment industry professionals, among others.
You don't need to worry about privacy concerns.

Our club is completely different from services or other adult entertainment establishments, and we do not provide any form of sexual services.
What our club does is simply introduce you to each other.
The details of your subsequent relationship are entirely up to you, and you are encouraged to establish your own rules and boundaries.
You can rest assured that our system allows you to decline any relationship if it doesn't match your initial expectations upon meeting. We prioritize creating a safe and comfortable environment for our members.

We offer the opportunity to date VIP gentlemen and engage in celebrity dating, which can lead to high earnings.
Some of our female members earn over one million yen per month from VIP male members.
There are no quotas or fines in our dating club.
It's a completely free and flexible form of dating, allowing you to go on dates with wealthy gentlemen at your preferred time and place.

* Please note that female members do not have to pay any registration or introduction fees, so you can use our services without any financial concerns.

Dining-only Date also Welcomed

Our club also hosts regular dining events with affluent individuals, providing you with an opportunity to earn extra income.
We enthusiastically welcome those who prefer dining-only date.
(Please note that dining events are limited to our model, talent, and exceptionally attractive female members.)

We are confident that you will find the wonderful encounters you desire right here.

The Process Leading Up to Date


(English, Chinese and Japanese)
Please contact us through our provisional registration and inquiry form or by phone.
We will arrange a meeting at your preferred date and time.
(English, Chinese and Japanese)
Please visit our office (or a location of your choice if preferred) for an interview. During the interview, please share your questions, preferences, and desired arrangements for your companionship with concierge.
(Please note that interviews are by appointment only to protect your privacy.)
We will explain our system and other details, and we kindly request applications only from those who resonate with our club's concept.
* There is no charge for this process.
* During registration, please bring an identification document with a photo that confirms your date of birth.(Passport and residence card, etc.)
* Only those who meet our club's screening criteria will be registered.

The registration process is complete with the above steps.

Setting Up a Date

4.Communication About the Date
When a male member expresses interest, we will inform you about the details via email.
Please confirm the date, time, meeting place, and other relevant information.
5.Male Member's Profile Information
Once the date details are confirmed, we will provide you with a brief profile of the male member. Please note that if there are any changes or cancellations to the scheduled date after it's confirmed, you must inform us by 5:00 PM the day before.

On the Day of the Date

6.Meeting at the Designated Location
On the day of the date, when you arrive at the specified location, the male member will be a true gentleman and you.
7.Enjoy a Wonderful Date Together
Afterward, the two of you can enjoy a fantastic date together. Of course, if you meet in person and feel that the chemistry or compatibility is not there, it is absolutely fine to politely decline.
Your comfort and peace of mind are important to us.

Membership Requirements

Women aged 18 to 40 who are elegant in appearance and have a desire for self improvement.
Women over 40 are also welcome, as long as they have confidence in both their inner qualities and appearance.
Women who can uphold basic common sense and etiquette. Those who can strictly adhere to punctuality. First time participants are enthusiastically welcomed.

Female Membership Terms

Membership Terms and Prohibited Activities

Actions that significantly tarnish the reputation of our club.
Membership associated with crime groups or similar affiliations (Immediate expulsion will be enforced if discovered).
Use or regular consumption of narcotics, stimulants, or other illegal drugs (Immediate expulsion will be enforced if discovered).
Any other illegal or criminal activities.
Any behavior that results in multiple complaints from other members, non compliance with the membership terms, or is deemed unsuitable for our club by our judgment, even if not explicitly mentioned in the above.
In such cases, appropriate actions, including expulsion from the club, may be taken as deemed necessary.


We do not take responsibility for any issues or conflicts that may arise during your interactions with the individual you have set up a date with.
Please be aware that setting fees, membership fees, and any other charges collected are nonrefundable under any circumstances.

Membership Application

Office Hours
12:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Closed on Sundays and holidays)
If you make a prior reservation, consultations are available after 8:00 PM, so please feel free to inquire.
(English, Chinese, and Japanese)
(English, Chinese, and Japanese)
During business hours, we may be unable to answer the phone due to a busy schedule.
In such cases, we kindly request that you call us again later.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you do not remove domain blocking or set up domain whitelisting, you may not receive our emails.
Please check your settings to ensure you can receive emails from "".
If you have not received a response from our club after waiting for more than one day, please verify your settings.
TEL 080-4920-8969   OPEN 12:00-20:00
Closed Sundays and public holidays
LINE ID: versailles_inter  (international)
WeChat ID: Versailles_Club